Moonjaguars is a cooperative venture, begun in Basing St London, working with Depth Charge, continued with Simon Hanson on drums, and concluded in the Pyrenees with contributions from Duncan Mackay on trumpet, Mar, Bess Cavendish and Suzanne Georgi adding vocals. Pieces were written over time, developing organically, sometimes a homage to great bands of the past. Percussionists Roberto Pla and Robin Jones also feature along with a myriad of other talented artists. Moonjaguars are the sum of these parts, and wherever any of these artists are now, Moonjaguars has a life of it’s own.

Moonjaguars music is available online on itunes, spotify, googleplay, and amazon also individual cds are available £7.00 each, please email or pay by PayPal info@moonjaguars.com.

Drums: Simon Hanson

Keyboards/guitars/vocals: Henry Twinch

Trumpet: Duncan Mackay

Percussion: Roberto Pla, Robin Jones

Vocalists: Bess Cavendish, Mar, Suzanne Georgi,

Marianela Frangella, Shauna Parker, Cate Ferris

Katerina Holmberg

Additional Keyboards/Programming James Parkinson

Executive Producer: Al Scott

Producer and Composer/Lyricist: Henry Twinch

Additional Lyrics: Brer Ruthven, Luz Penteado.

Mixed by Al Scott

Artwork Juana Perez


Cover art compilation Julian Dawson